Condor Airlines
CGI Design & Animation for the new Inflight Safety Film
Airglow partnered with Inflight Dublin to create this engaging branded safety video for Condor Airlines, for use in numerous territories and across multiple aircraft.
The new safety videos offered an opportunity to express the core tone and values of the Condor brand, so we created a beautiful CG aesthetic, harnessing the golden hour lighting prevalent within the Condor brand to fill the scenes with warmth and calm. 
Clean and impactful Motion Design was used to highlight certain safety features with clarity on small aircraft screens.
Fun and stylised characters were used to communicate safety features and embrace Condors quality and professionalism.
Our aim was to simply make the passengers smile, be informed and most importantly feel safe.
Condor Airlines
Design, Production & Animation
Airglow Creative Studios​​​​​​​
InFlight Dublin
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