Louis Vuitton
CGI Design & Animation Projects for Louis Vuitton
Showcasing the intricate details that make Louis Vuitton's product lineup, we created these looping animations to complement the window installations across the globe.
Showcasing a new line of LV products with a calming and beautiful aesthetic.  These animations populated screens in stores all over the world in a range of formats and aspect ratios.
Blue Moon
A stunning concept to work on with the LV team for Pharrells new windows.
The animation was distributed worldwide, designed to work with LV physical installations. 
Flowers Installation
Working closely with the LV team we created this striking modern take on the traditional flower arrangement.
Displayed throughout LV's store windows the animation organically evolves and transforms between different aesthetics and states.  Designed to captivate and entertain, the piece stopped passers by and drew them into the store.
Research and Development plays a huge role in creating digital art, here's some of our initial explorations..
Louis Vuitton Windows
CGI & Animation
Airglow Creative Studios
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